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Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

There are many guidelines, books, and tutorial on the Internet that told you how to do for search engine optimization. You may read a lot of them and may implement some of the suggestion proposed. You definitely should read the one that mentioned below, because it is the Search Engine Optimization Guide prepared by Google.

Runs in the same direction as Google wants
Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide is just 32 pages long. It covers every topics in Search Engine Optimization, includes SEO Basics, Site Structure, Content Optimization, Crawlers & Robots, SEO for mobile devices, and also Analysis.

Of course, this guide does not guarantee your website ranking position in the Google search engine. If you follow the suggestion mentioned in this starter guide, you are at least runs in the same direction as Google wants. It is important to ensure your website is friendly to Google before you can rank higher and higher in the search result.

This starter guide is available in PDF format here:

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