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How popular your website is?

use “Page Rank” to sort the search result, and show the best on the
top, this can greatly enhance the quality of the search result. Page
Rank is similar to the “Reference” in journal article. The more the web
page be linked, the more important the web page is.

One of the term called: Link Popularity. Many search engines provides
search on “link to”, which list out all the page that link to a
specific webpage. So the webpage has more “link to” mean the more
popularity it is.

Here’re one of the Link Popularity Checking website. http://www.marketleap.com/publinkpop/

You just type in your website address. You can type another three for
comparision and choose your industry. This website will then help to
inquire different search engine, and count how many “link to” to your
website. It also list come other website in the industry for your
reference. You can understand the popularity of your website.

This web site also provides other free tools: Search Engine Saturation
and Keyword Verification.

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