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To increase your website traffic, you cannot just rely the ways on Internet. You need to promote your website throught different media. Write down your website address to improve your website popularity and bring more traffic.

You need to make use of every opportunities to let your customers know your website address.

#1 Name card

#2 Envelope and letterhead

#3 Invoice and receipt

#4 Company newsletter and report

#5 Feedback form and warrenty card

#6 Outgoing fax and email signature

#7 Promotional items: leaflet, product catalog, soveniours

#8 Outdoor signage and windows display

#9 Automobile

#10 Clothing and uniform.

#11 Display in the trade show

#12 Advertisement on TV, Radio, Newspaper and Magazine

#13 Voicemail messages and Call Waiting messages

#14 Autorespond email

#15 Daily dialog with your customers.

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