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Learn how to adjust your Pay-Per-Click advertisement

Pay-Per-Click advertisement (PPC) is very common today. You can always find some advertisement on search engines, web directory, portal site, or many other web site. You can make a PPC easily on Google or Yahooo. They provides a friendly interfaces for you create an advertisement, find keywords, make your bid and provides lot of statistic data.

When you post a PPC, there are many things you can adjust. The following three item should be the most common: Budget, Cost-Per-Click, and Keywords. But what is the real impact to have different value on them. What happens if you raise your budget? What happen if you lower the CPC? Let us give you some ideas on this matter.

#1 Budget
Budget is the amount you would like to pay for your overall advertisement.
What happen if you put a higher budget?
Advertisement Impression: Increase

Number of Click: Increase

Advertisement Ranking: No effect
#2 Cost-Per-Click (CPC)
CPC is amount you would like to pay for every click of your advertisement.
What happen if you make a higher CPC?

Advertisement Ranking: Increase

Click-Throught-Rate(CTR): Increase

Advertisement Impression: No effect
#3 Keywords
Keywords is the searching term or wordings related to your advertisment
What happen if you provide more specified keywords? e.g. “3G Mobile Phone” instead of “Phone”
Click-Throught-Rate(CTR): Increase

Advertisement Ranking: Increase

Advertisement Impression: Decrease

Now you can understand adjustment on the Budget, CPC, and Keywords can bring you different effect.
You can make suitable adjustment to achieve your objective of advertisement.

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3 Responses to “Learn how to adjust your Pay-Per-Click advertisement”

  1. Kerala Honeymoon

    this will surely beneficial for PPC-ians, a good article. THnx & LOL

  2. Poon

    nice post, it’s good. It explains the effects brings from the adjustment of bugget, bid and keywords.

  3. Marcelino Beskom

    Hello Guru, what entice you to post an article. This article was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.