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Seven Points for Pay-Per-Click Advertising

1. Create a keywords list not only fit to your product or service, but also your business and your competitors.

2. Create a list for those misspelling or typos keywords.

3. Rank #1 brings most clicks but it is expensive. Rank #2-#4 can give you more visitors with less money.

4. Put your keywords into the headline. This can attract more clicks.

5. Give a reason in your ad why visitor should click on it.

6. Prepare a list of “exclude” keywords. These will stop the advertisement to appear in non-applicable search.

7. If you want to avoid those “free-stuff searcher”, mention the price in your advertisement.

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One Response to “Seven Points for Pay-Per-Click Advertising”

  1. Yvonne Law

    Okay. It is a good guideline for starter.