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Change your password frequently and also…

In the digital world today, everyone have many many passwords to access different websites or electronic service, like e-banking, email, computer login, etc. To keep your personal information or assets safety, you need to safe guard your password. Here are suggestions for keeping passwords and your information secure:

1. Change your password frequently

2. Don’t use a single password for different websites/services/account

3. Never share your password with others

4. Be sure your password is at least 6 characters

5. Use combination of alphabet (upper and lower case), number, and symbols as password.

6. Don’t send your password via email or provide it over the phone or sms.

7. Don’t use pet, family or friend names, birthday, id number, phone number as password. These can be guessed easily.

8. Don’t write down password or save as a file in computer.

Besides password, you should use different username for different purpose.


In e-banking username may be: robertlee.

In office computer login, the username is rlee.

In home computer, the username can be robertlee.home

These can enhance your security greatly.

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