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1. Submit to directories

Listing your site in a directory, web users will view your page as a reliable resource that fits their search criteria.

2. Write to webmasters and compliment their web site

They may include your kind statements into testimonial section, and link back to your site.

3. Submit articles to article directory

This allows people to read your work and publish your articles for free. Make sure to include a biography Box that link to your site.

4. Making use of blogs

The blogging community is keep growing, and blogger are always looking for new things to post on their blog.
Talk to other bloggers about links and posts about your website.

5. Post comments in discussion groups and on message boards

Post useful and relevant comments on discussion groups or forum. Remember to add a link to your website after your comments.

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One Response to “Five Simple Ways to Increase The Link Popularity of Your Website”

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    I read an article recommending submission to not so popular sites in order to get various links.