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1. Using Your Business Name

Your business name should be the first choice for your domain name. This can helps your customer remember your website address and it can bring a professional image to your business also.

2. Less characters

If you can find a 3 letter domain name, get it now. But there are none available right now. So look for 4 or 5 character names.
It is always easy to remember a domain with less characters.

3. Choose extension

Choose a domain with a.com extension. If that is not available then the alternate should also be a top level domain type, like .net.

4. Don’t Confuse Your Customers

Avoid domain names that include: “2” for “To” or “4” for “For” or “u” for “You”. Use these wordings can make your domain look “cool”.
But it brings confusion to your customers. They need to guess which one is the correct address.

5. The keyboard relationship

Keyboard relationship may affect the impression to your customer. It is always easy to type “weio” than “pqoz”.
You may consider whether your domain name is easy to type.

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