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8 Tips on Email Marketing Event

1. The Rules
Know your country regulations regarding to the unsolicited email or email marketing. Follow the rule and respect the rule.

2. Double Opt-In
After user fill in the subscription form of newsletter, a confirmation email is sent to the user. User need to confirm his subscription in the email. “Double Opt-In” eliminates the chance of abuse where somebody submits other’s email address without their knowledge

3. Review Opt-In Process
Review your opt-in process and state clear on the terms of subscribe and unsubscribe process.

4. Clean Email List
Remove those invalid email from your mail list. You may be backlisted if you send too much emails to invalid address.

5. Check Email Content
View your email content with different email client and also in web mail. Ensure it is formatted as you want and all the links are valid.

6. Respect Unsubscribe Request
Respect and response to the unsubscribe request. Don’t make any delay.

7. Personalize Email
Personalize email by adding recipient’s name and other info into the content. You may consider to personalize the email subject as well.

8. Don’t Over-Sending
Subscribers may ignore your emails if they receive your emails too frequent. They may proceed to the unsubscribe process.

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2 Responses to “8 Tips on Email Marketing Event”

  1. TS

    Yes, double opt-in is important.
    Otherwise, it will be abused by others.
    People may use other email address to subscribe the list.

  2. Bernice

    Agree. If it don’t provide double opt-in, it means that they take little care on the email addresses. I will not subscribe to their maillist.