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Google tools drive traffic to your website

If you want to increase your website traffic or increase the ranking in
Google, you may find the following Google tools useful.

#1 Google Webmaster Section


The Google Webmaster Section should be your first stop when you want to
know more about what things can be done to improve your website in
related with Google. Particularly for new site owners or operators,
checking this page first has saved many from needless anxiety.

#2 Google Sitemaps – Help Your Pages Get Discovered


Google Sitemaps gives you the opportunity to present your website’s
pages to Google in XML format. Google will then come by and spider the
pages, getting you indexed faster.

This does not mean your pages will be listed for your favorite
keywords, the index process by Google will take place faster than with
manual submission. Google Sitemaps will also give you some basic site
stats after your site is verified, such as the top keywords, errors it
found when crawling, and the types of documents at your site.

#3 Google Web Page Information

If you type
info:yoursite.com into Google, it will show you a page that has your
link at the top of the page, with a short description, and other
information from Google about your website.

#4 Google Analytics – The Hot Stuff.


After a recent purchase of Urchin Stats, a free online version has been
made available, and re-branded as Google Analytics. This cookie-based
invisible visitor tracker can give you information that go a bit beyond
standard stats such as bounce rates, visitor loyalty, keyword discovery
results for a single day, click paths through your site, and page views
per visit.

With the ability to analyze your traffic, you can help learn where the
holes in your site are, and how to keep them on your site for longer
periods of time, as well as better ways to steer a visit towards a
specific action, such as a subscription. Results come in flavors for the
executive and the search marketer alike.

However, this services is too hot and temporarily closed for new
registration. But you can still check the above link to see if it is
reopen or not.

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