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Improve the First Impression of your Website

First impression is very imporant. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.
You need to provide a good impression for your visitor and make them feel comfort to visit your website.
This can build up their trusts and increase the chance to make a deal. Follows are some rules to provide a good impression to the visitor and build up their trusts.

1. Choose a good domain name and webhosting. Don’t opt for the free-hosting.

2. Professional website design. Find a professional web designer to help you.

3. Menu/Navigation must be consistence and intuitive.

4. Ensure no broken links or error pages.

5. Use appropriate language. It’s okay to use technical term if your target visitor is Technical people. But use some simple term if your target visitor is not technical people.

6. Good grammar and spelling or gives the impression of carelessness.

7. Add new contents and update your website regularly.

8. Make a objective comparison with your competitors and not simply put down them.

9. Write a comfort and friendly ‘About Us’ page.

10. Provide email form, tel, address in “Contact Us” page.

11. Post a phone number that people can be found easily. Visitors can call and talk to a person.

12. Provides email address associated with your domain. Don’t use free email address, like hotmail or yahoo.

13. Only ask for information from customers that you really need. Make it as few as possible.

14. State clearly your privacy policy.

15. State clearly your security policy and let visitors know the transaction made is secure and safe.

16. Post your guarantee policy in an eye-catching position.

17. State clearly your refund/returns policy.

18. Put the PayPal logo on your site if you use PayPal.

19. Put the logo of industry association that you have joined.

20. Most important is to build a long-term reputation and not make it in rush.

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