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Few tips to increase the probability of your marketing email get opened

You may receives few hundreds emails each week, but most of them may be spam. Most of these emails will be deleted unread.

If you’re using email marketing to promote your product, how to ensure your email get opened?

1. Don’t spam

2. Use premission email marketing

3. Use real sender name

4. Provide useful information in your email.

5. Don’t bomb your subscriber every days. It is better to send email weekly, monthly but not daily.

6. Send special issues irregularly

Start build your opt-in list. You can put the sign-in form in different pages of your website. It is better if you can provides some free gift to the subsriber, e.g. e-books, reports, discount coupon, etc.

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One Response to “Few tips to increase the probability of your marketing email get opened”

  1. JennY

    For pt 5, someone suggest to send newsletter every month is enough.
    Weekly or bi-weekly is too much, people just ignore it. For monthly newsletter, people expect that there are something happen over a month.