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OEViewer recover the corrupted Outlook Express Email

You may encounter that emails in Outlook Express cannot be opened. However, there are maybe some important emails that you need to recover from it. We will introduce you a freeware which is helpful in this situation.

1. Go to http://www.mitec.cz/oe.htm At the end of page, download Mitec OE Viewer

2. Unzip the download file

3. Run OEView.exe

4. In “File” menu choose “Open”, select your Outlook Express Email Folder (Default is C:\Documents and Settings\(UserName}\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{SomeNumbers}\Microsoft\Outlook Express, and Inbox is .dbx or Inbox.dbx)

5. You can see the lists of your email. To view a email, just double click on it. The email window will pop out, switch to “HTML View” to view your mail.

6. To save your email, just select the email, and choose “Save Selected” in “File” men. Select the folder to save into, and click “OK”.

7. Now your email is recovered.

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