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Opt-in! Higher success rate with permission email.

Many people says they need to send million emails out for email marketing events. Even the response rate is low, they still can get substantial amount of response. As the flood of junk mail, internet service provider and also end user install different spam filter to get rid from the junk. This also reduce the response rate of the marketing email. Actually, if you’ve a effective email list, you still can get a high response rate.

Permission Email

The most effective email list is generated from the end user. User subscribe to the email and agree to receive your email newsletter. You can create a subscription box. People can submit their email address to subscribe your newsletter. To ensure the user is the owner of the email address, you should use double confirmation process. When user submit his/her email address, you should send an email with a confirmation link immediately. User need to click on the link to confirm and complete their subscription.

As the email address are provided by the user, people are willing to open and read your email address. The response rate is much higher with this permission email. Also, you will not receive complaint about sending spam email.


To encourage the user to subscribe your email newsletter, you need to
– provide useful and relavent information
– state clearly when and how frequent is your newsletter, daily, weekly or monthly. Will you send out email under other sceanrio?
– opt out form to allow user to un-subscribe from your newsletter
– let user know will you send email for other business parties
– tell user your privacy policy and how you handle their personal information.

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