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A Quick Check List of Search Engine Optimization

Title Optimization

  • – include your company name or site name in the title
  • – include keywords
  • – make it readable and easy to understand, e.g. Buy XYZ from ABC company

Description Tag Optimization

  • – show your unique selling proposition
  • – include keywords
  • – two to three sentences is enough

Keywords Tag

  • – use two or three words phrases
  • – don’t spam keywords


  • – use H1 tag, but don’t overuse. One or two is enough
  • – use H2, H3 tag for subheader
  • – use B tag to highlight important things
  • – put keywords in H1, H2, H3 anb B tag


  • – provide meaningful anchor text. Don’t use “click here” as anchor text.

Image Optimization

  • – adjust the image to reduce file size and keep the looks of image indifferent
  • – provide alt text
  • – provide title tag
  • – use meaning filename

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    it’s a good starter for seo