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Testimonials and Guarantee strengthen your online business

Online business success depends on thousands of factors. Price and quality of your product are two important factors. Factors related to your website also play a major role in the success, for example, site popularity, page rank, ordering process, etc. Trust of your website is one of the important factor. People only do business with people who with trust.

There are many ways to boost your online business by building your trust. Here are two ways:

1. Publish testimonials
Testimonial is important and it can build trust of your website. It can greatly increase your sales.

No one wants to buy junk. In the Internet world, in most case, visitors cannot feel/experience the product. You need to clear any doubt in your visitors and show them your product is valuable. Collect and publish the testimonials from your customers, and that will greatly increase trust of your website. Visitors feel more comfortable to shop with your website.

You need to publish these testimonials on your product page which can build up the confidence of the visitors.

2. Offering a guarantee
A research states that 70% of people who sees no guarantee will leave the sales page just because theyU+00A1U+00A6re not convinced!

If your product delivers well, why wonU+00A1U+00A6t you offer a guarantee?
You must earn your visitorU+00A1U+00A6s trust. This is similar to the testimonials.

You can offer different types of guarantee, likes refund guarantee, delivery guarantee to fit your business.

Where to put the guarantee? The home page, product page and ordering page.

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