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Your website content may have these 3 mistakes

Let check to see if you have these three mistakes in your website.

1. Write a long page.
When we read a long page, we always skim through the page or just put target on the big title or bullet points. We will never read the word one by one. If you have a lot of information to show, you should use a good navigation and express it into several pages.

2. Use passive verb.
Don’t us passive verb. Try to use active verb and make your content more powerful. Active verb always express your idea more concrete and dedicated.

3. Forget to ask visitor to do something.
Ask your visitors what they should do next. You can see in the advertisement, they always says “Call us”, “Join us now”, “Try it”. “Call To Action” is very important. You should have similar statement in your content.
Let examine the first sentense of this article, it is a “Call To Action”.

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