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Let’s the world knows your website. Submit to Search Engine.

How to generate traffic to website? How to let your customers know your web site? These are the common questions to ask. Of course, you need to put your web site address on your name card, email, company leaflet and brochure. You also need to submit your web site to different search engines.

Submit To Search Engines

There are thousands of search engines on the Internet. But you don’t need to submit the website to all of them. You only Just submit to some famous search engines, you can get remarkable rewards.


Google is one of the famous search engines. Normally, your web site will be listed just two to three days after submission.


Yahoo also provides different languages support. There is tons of information in Yahoo and it is a big portal. Also, other search engines will use Yahoo Directory as reference.

DMOZ (http://www.dmoz.org)

A very famous Directory Services Provider, many search engines (like Google) use their categories for searching. If you get listed on it, you will find that your web site will be listed on other search engine later. It is because those search engines will use DMOZ as reference.

You need to prepare the following information for submission.

– Name of the web site

– Categories the web site belongs to

– Description about the web site

– Keywords to describe your web site

– Contact email address

Keywords and Categories are most important. These two are the points to attract your customers and you should put more efforts on it.

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