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ChequeSystem User Guide
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Cheque Layout List

List of different bank cheque layouts. Users can create their own layout

Cheque Layout List maintain different cheque layouts. There are six icons on the top. They are

Add - Add a new cheque layout.

Edit - Edit the selected cheque layout.

Delete - Delete the selected cheque layout.

Import - Import cheque layout from file.

Export - Export cheque layout to file.

Internet Update - Download latest cheque layouts from server.

Cheque Layout Details
Windows to edit cheque layout

You need to provide a name for this layout.

Bearer Cheque checkbox is to indicate the cheque layout is a bearer cheque or not. If it is not a bearer cheque, the "Bearer" component will not show out.

You need to fillin the dimension of the cheque and the position/size of different components, includes A/C Payee Only, Date, Place of Issue, Payee, Bearer, Text Line 1, Text Line 2, Amount. If the component is not applicable, you can leave the measurement as zero. The component s (Non Negotiable, Payable On-Date Only, First Payee Only and Not Transferable) can be renamed to fit your cheque. You can also make use of the self-defined component.

To adjust the position, you can selected the corresponding components and click the navigation button on the right. The cheque layout in the preview will be adjusted at the same time.

Internet Update
Download cheque layout

It shows the current version in the installed system and the version provided by the server.
To download the latest cheque layouts from server, click [Update] to proceed.