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ChequeSystem User Guide
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Using Google Drive as backup storage

If user wants to store backup files into Google Drive, user needs to authorize ChequeSystem software to access the Google Drive storage.

User Authorization
When connecting to Google Drive, an authorization dialog will be shown in the browser. User need to sign-in with Google Account and authorize ChequeSystem to access the Google Drive. Once authorized, an access token is granted to ChequeSystem to access Google Drive.

User may revoke the access token by clicking Disconnect Button in the software at anytime. User may also revoke access in Google Drive account via "Settings > Manage Apps".

Permission and Privacy
ChequeSystem software stores the backup files in application data folder in Google Drive. ChequeSystem can only access the files within the application data folder. It does not have permission to access other folders or files in Google Drive.

ChequeSystem does not access or store other information from user profile or Google Account.