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“E-Catalog” delivery customers the latest product information

Trading companies/factories put many resources in keeping the product catalogs updated as the product life cycle get shorter and shorter. It’s really difficult to provide the latest product information to customers. The catalog the customer has may be half year old or even more.

Limitation of traditional product catalog

– Each time needs to print certain quantity
– The delivery expense is high
– If product information is revised, it can only attach some supplements
– Cannot tailor-made for the customer
The electronic product catalog actually can solve the above problems.

What is E-Catalog

The E-Catalog is to put save your product information into a digital format, which allows you to revise the product information conveniently. The product catalog can be saved into different storage media. For example, in a CD or save in a computer file.

Format of E-Catalog

– E-Book/PDF File
This format is close to traditional catalog. Customer may browse it like a book. Also, the e-book or PDF file is well formatted, customers
can print out easily. It is also convenient to send to customers.

– Product Web Page
Product information is provided in web page. Customers can browse the information easily. The web page can be loaded with multimedia content. The catalog can provide interactive features to meet the customers’ needs.

– Product CD
Product information can be stored in a disc. Customers may use the computer or VCD/DVD machine to browse the product information.

Benefits from E-Catalog

– Product information are stored in digital format. It can be managed systematically.
– Tailor-made product catalog to meet the customers’ needs. (E.g. provides different discounts)
– No need to keep catalog in stock. The catalog can be made on demand.
– Product catalog stored in CD or computer file. The delivery expense can be greatly reduced. Moreover, the storage is much more than traditional paper catalog.
– As it is generated from the system, the information must be up-to-date.

E-Catalog Software

Different E-Catalog software supports different format. Some softwares allows keeping a single source of product information and you can generate e-catalog in different formats.

– Web Application
Use browser as interface. Once the information is revised, the online catalog is updated at the same time.

– Desktop Application
It can provides an advance user interface than web application

Use of E-Catalog

E-Catalog allows to use one single source to generate different format of catalog, includes Online Catalog – allows worldwide customers to browse your product information
Product Disc – delivery multi-media content to customers
E-Books/PDF file – send email to customers which save a lot from delivery expense. It is well-formatted and ready to print.

Customer Relationship Management

E-Catalog provides customers with latest product information, the Online Catalog also can send customers product information they are interested in.

E-Catalog not only allows you to manage the product information systematically, it can generate the output in different formats which is easier to deliver to customers.

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