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Get More Traffic with Three Social Bookmarking Websites

Social bookmarking is a system for Internet users to store, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web pages on the Internet. Users can save the URL of web pages that they want to remember or share. These bookmarks are usually public which are available to other users. Of course, it can be saved as private use only.

Social bookmarking websites are very popular with the major search engines. If your website is bookmarked in those social bookmarking websites, search engines can crawled your websites as well. More important is that, social bookmarking has a sharing concept in mind. Users share the useful websites with others by bookmarking them. Social bookmarking also implemented with a ranking system to state how many user suggest/bookmark the website. These not only attract others to visit the websites but also increases the creditability of the websites definitely.

Following are the three famous social bookmarking websites.

Digg is a social bookmarking website for people to save and share content from Internet. User can submit URLs and storis to digg.com. User can also vote and comment on the submitted links. The most popular stories will be shown on the homepage. Digg.com can provide quality traffic to your websites by submitting a useful and quality information. The stories submitted are rank equally. If people find your story useful, they may give you a vote and your story will get higher ranking.

StumbleUpon is an Internet community that allows users to discover and rate Web pages, photos, and videos. It works likes a recommendation engine which user recommend useful information to others. StumbleUpon uses Thumb-Up / Thumb-Down ratings to form collaborative opinions on website quality. This helps user discover great article or internet content that probably wouldn’t find in a search engine. When user stumble (or login), user will only see pages that friends and stumblers (with similar mind) have recommended. It is a good recommendation to user to discover useful and related information.

Delicious is another social bookmarking service which allows users to bookmark and share webpages. If your friends find useful webpages, they can send you the bookmarks. You can check them out when you log in.

Delicious posts popular tag on the homepage. People may check out the popular tag and see related bookmarking webpages.
This is important as people always use those tags to find popular and hot topics. You should choose carefully to make relavant tags to the bookmarked pages.

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