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Four Tips to Make Your Excel Template Better

Excel Template is a useful tool to allows your teammates to input data in a pre-defined way. This standard template makes the consolidation work easily. To make your Excel template even better, you should take care on the following tips.

#1 – Protect from Input

You should identify which cells/worksheets that are not for input. These cells/worksheets should be set as “Protected”.

#2 – Coloring your template

Use different background color or font color to indicate the cells for input or read-only. It is common to set those cells for input data with a lighter color (e.g. yellow). For those read-only cells, you can set it with a darker color (e.g. gray) or set the text to become gray.

You can use other colors like Red, Green for highlight. It’s always true to have a Key/Legend to explain your color usage.

#3 – Use border to set region

Border is very simple but useful tool to make your worksheet much clearer. It can gives user a clear picture about different parts of the worksheet.

#4 – Hide Cells

Unused cells are always the source of confusion. User always asks for: what should I do with this cell? What is this cell?
Hide unused cells to avoid any confusion.

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