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Nine Issues to Consider Before Building Your Website

#1 What is your objective in building website?

1. As a adverstisement for your business

2. Sell products and services

3. Boarden the market of your business

#2 What scale your website will be?

1. Just need a website.

2. Start from small, and build up gradually

3. Complicated

4. Huge and complicated.

#3 Do you need a domain name?

#4 Who are your target visitors?

1. Business or Professionals

2. Female

3. Male

4. Youngster

5. Children

6. Students

7. All

#5 What characteristics your website has?

1. Focus on Content.

2. Artistic

3. Loading Speed

#6 How to promote your website?

1. Search Engine

2. Pay Per Click

3. Email

4. Free Advertisement

5. Link Exchange

6. Classified Advertisement

7. Banner Ad

8. Name Card

9. Leaflet

10. Direct Mail

#7 Do you want to earn additional income from your website?

1. Sale of software

2. Pay Per Click

3. Banner Ad

#8 How you run your website?

1. Maintain by yourself

2. Outsource to professionals and monitor frequently

3. Setup requirements and target, outsource all the works completely

#9 What is your budget?

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