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Five Questions To Ask Before Ordering Web Hosting Service

1. Do you offer shopping cart software and provide e-commerce hosting services?

It is important if you want to integrate shopping cart/e-commerce services into your website. It can save your time and effort to implement those feature into your website.

2. Do you provide web site statistics?

Web site statistics is very important. It allows you to track your web site visitors and use the stats for Internet marketing analysis.
Besides raw log files, web hosting company should provide you with a number of web stats software for analysis.

3. Do you provide any guarantees?

A solid web hosting company must provide guarantee on server uptime and customer support. This can ensure your web business runs smoothly.
It is better if your web hosting company also provide money-back guarantee.

4. Am I the owner of the domain name registered with you?

Some web hosting company may own your domain name instead of you. You should check carefully with your web hosting company on the owner of the domain name.

5. Can I transfer domain name registration from you to any other company?

The answer should be Yes if you own your domain name. However, you should check if there is any hidden cost for the transfer.

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