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Can I connect two Quick Receipt to same database?

Quick Receipt is a standalone application, and does not have network/multi-user access features.

However, you can set the Database Folder to a network drive/shared folder, so that Quick Receipt from different computers can access the same "data".

First Computer
In Quick Receipt, you can set your database in menu "File > Switch Database" and create a new database in a network drive.
For example, Z drive is the network drive. We create a "QuickReceipt" folder in Z drive and set the Z:\QuickReceipt folder as database folder.

Second Computer
In Quick Receipt of second computer, you also need to create a database.
You need to set the same database folder (as in the first computer), but choose "Connect existing database".

Quick Receipt in two computers point to the same folder in the network drive now.

There is one limitation with this approach, different Quick Receipt cannot access at the same time.
As the database is locked when Quick Receipt is running, other Quick Receipt can only connect the same database in READ-ONLY mode.