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Can I use Dropbox to share my Quick Receipt database with another computer?

It is possible to sync Quick Receipt data with Dropbox, but you need to be careful to ensure that Quick Receipt is only running on one Computer at a time.

You need to install Quick Receipt and Dropbox application on both computers. Please ensure you have install the same version of Quick Receipt on both computers. The Dropbox application should sync the local folder in your computer to the cloud.

Setup First Computer
In Computer A, Dropbox is synced to D:\Dropbox\ folder, for example.
You can first create a empty folder (says D:\Dropbox\QuickReceipt) under your Dropbox folder.
Then in Quick Receipt, you can create a database and choose this D:\Dropbox\QuickReceipt\ as the database folder.

After that, you can quit Quick Receipt in computer A.

Setup Second Computer
In Computer B, assume Dropbox is synced to F:\Dropbox\ folder.
Please wait and ensure all the files under F:\Dropbox\QuickReceipt\ folder is synced completely.

You can then start Quick Receipt in computer B.
You also need to create a database but choose "connect existing database" and choose the local folder location of your dropbox. (ie. F:\Dropbox\QuickReceipt\).

So, now
- Computer A, Quick Receipt connects to D:\Dropbox\QuickReceipt\
- Computer B, Quick Receipt connects to F:\Dropbox\QuickReceipt\
And these folders are synced to the cloud with the help of Dropbox desktop software.