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You can create different folders to manage your documents.
  1. In main window, click menu "Settings > Folder Management".

  2. Folder Management window is shown.
    Manage can click the button to add, edit, delete folder, and also move the folders upwards or downwards.

  3. Click icon to add a new folder.

  4. Select icon color and specify the folder name. Click "Save" button to create the folder.

  5. The new folder will be created and shown on the Left Side in main screen.
    Click the folder name to switch to that folder.

  6. Dcument can be moved from one folder to another. Simply click and drag the document to the destinated folder to move it.

  7. Folder can also be set as Archive. Document that stored under Archive Folder will be set as Read-Only and its content cannot be edit. Archive Folders are listed at the bottom on the Left Side in main screen.