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Press release is a “newsworthy” announcement and not simply a commercial advertisement. It should gives useful information and not just some promotion statement. If the editors find your article is useful, they are likely to post your press release. However, if they just receive an “advertisement” article, they will just throw it into the bin.

A press release has a general format. It is a standard practice, so that editors can handle the information quickly and efficiently.

Here are those elements required in the format.

1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Write these words in the top of your document, make them capitalize.

2. After the “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE”, write down your contact Information. This includes the Contact Person name and a phone number or email address. It is useful if the editor would like to contact you for further information.

3. Headline. Make an attractive headline which can draw people attention, but not just a sales statement.

4. City, State – Show your city and country in the first paragraph.

5. First Paragraph – The first paragraph shows the summary of your release, which include the information about who, what and when.

6. Content – Develop your content according to your summary made above. Double check your content for typos or errors.

7. Last word – Restate your message in the last paragraph and provide contact information for reader. “For more information, please contact …”

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