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EasyBilling User Guide
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In the Document Preferences, user can specify different settings for the documents.

  • Document font - default document font type, font size and writing mode
  • Margin - page margin and address margin
  • PDF File Properties - specify whether PDF output allows Printing, Edit or Copy
  • Print Duplicate/Triplicate - show [Print Duplicate/Triplicate] button in document windows and set the Duplicate/Triplicate label
  • Tax Rate / Calculation - set default tax rate and its calculation. Specify whether shipping, packaging and insurance fields are taxable.
  • Deposit Rate - set default deposit rate in Proforma Invoice, Invoice, and Tax Invoice
  • Insurance Field - choose to add Insurance field in selected document
  • Packaging Field - choose to add Packaging field in selected document
  • Rounding Adjustment - choose to add Rounding Adjustment field in selected document
  • Amounts in Words - choose to add Amount in Words field in selected document
  • Order/Payment URL - choose to add Order/Payment URL field in selected document

Preferences settings in EasyBilling