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EasyBilling User Guide
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Monthly Statement for Supplier

monthly statement for supplier dialog

The user interface of Monthly Statement for Supplier is shown above.
Menu Bar
In Menu Bar, there are three menu items, File, Export and Security.

File - User can save, preview, print or close the current report.
Export - Report can be exported to PDF, HTML, or Excel format.
Password - User can set a password to protect the document from access.

Report Details
This report generate monthly statement for selected supplier, from Purchase Order.

User needs to provide a report name for the report.

It allows to generate Monthly Statement for Full Supplier List or a single supplier.

Only those Purchase Orders dated between the "Start Date" and "End Date" will be getting into calculation. User can leave the date field blank if there is no limitation on the period.

Note: - The report calculation will be updated when it is saved. The updated time is shown as the "Last Generated". User can also click [Re-generate] button to process the report calculation again.

The sample output of Monthly Statement for Supplier is given below.

monthly statement for supplier sample