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EasyBilling User Guide
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General info in invoice

Menu Bar
In Menu Bar, there are five menu items, File, Export, Font, Font Size and Password.

File - User can save, preview, print or close the current document. It also allows to save version for the document.
Export - Document can be exported to PDF, HTML, or Excel format.
Font - Specify the font and writing direction for this document.
Font Size - Specify the font size.
Password - User can set a password to protect the document from access.

Invoice Details
There are six parts in Invoice: Document Details, Line Item, Photo Attachment, PDF Attachment, Private and Payment Received.

"Document Details"
- User can specify the header information, includes Number, Currency, Date, Payment/Shipping Term, Shipping Date, Sales Representative and Customer Information. Customer Information can be typed in directly or load from the Customer List. User can add a stamp on to the document by select the stamp text, like Confidential, Revised, Draft, etc.

Invoice can also be generated from Quotation, Profoma Invoice, Tax Invoice or Delivery Note. The data in selected document will be copied to the Invoice.

"Line Item"
- Line Item information can be input here. The value in highlighted cell (Yellow) will be calculated automatically. User can add the Line Item by typing in the table directly or clicking [Add] button to load from the Item List.
Item list in Invoice

The Checkbox shown before the "Sub-Total", "Discount", "Shipping", "Tax", "Deposit", and "Balance" is to indicate whether this cell will be shown out in the output document.

User can input up to 40 lines information in the "Notes". It supports <b>, <u>, <i> for bold, underline and italic style formatting. Uncheck the box to hide the "Note" field in output.

Two optional signature boxes are provided at the bottom of the document. User can provide "Company Chop" and "Signature" images, which will be shown on the PDF output.

"Photo Attachment"
- Photos can be attached to the end of invoice. Five layouts are provided to list the photos:

  • One photo in one page
  • Two photos in one page
  • Six photos (2x3) in one page
  • Eight photos (2x4) in one page
  • Ten photos (2x5) in one page
Click the [Add] button at bottom to add photo. It also allows to add caption under the photo.
Photo attachment in Invoice

"PDF Attachment"
– PDF file can append to the PDF output of the document.
pdf attachment of Invoice

– User can specify document status and type comments under private tab. Information under private tab will not shown in the output.
private tab of Invoice

"Payment Received"
– This tab is to record the payment received for the invoice. Click [Add] button add a record for the payment. User can provide date, payment method, reference number, description and amount for the payment received. The outstanding balance under the table will be calculated automatically.

The payment received record can be previewed or printed out by clicking [Preview] or [Print] button at the top right corner.
private tab of Invoice