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Recurring Cheque Template

Recurring Cheque Template List

The Recurring Cheque Template List maintains a collection of different templates that can be easily accessed when preparing cheques. If you frequently issue cheques for monthly or regular payments, you can create a template that stores all the necessary information, such as Payee Name, Amount, Particulars, Audit Code, and Remarks. By utilizing these templates, you can avoid the need to retype the information each time you need to issue a cheque for such payments.

In the Recurring Cheque Template List window, you will find three buttons at the top:

  • Add: Allows you to create a new recurring cheque template and add it to the list.
  • Edit: Enables you to modify the details of the selected recurring cheque template.
  • Delete: Removes the selected recurring cheque template from the list.

The following image shows the Recurring Cheque Template screen:
Recurring Cheque Template