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Monthly Statement

Monthly Statement

The Monthly Statement in ChequeSystem presents a comprehensive record of all deposits and withdrawals made within the selected chequebook. This report offers an easily comparable view that can be cross-checked against the corresponding bank statement.

In the report dialog box, it is important to provide a descriptive name for the report, ensuring easy identification for future reference.

You have the option to specify various criteria for generating the report. The “ChequeBook” option allows you to select the specific cheque book that the report will search within. The “Date Range” options allow you to specify the desired timeframe for the report. You may choose to show the cheque status in the Statement.

After setting the criteria, simply click on the “Save” button to save the report. This action will trigger an update in the report calculation, and the “Last Generated” timestamp will reflect the time of saving.

To review the report, click on the “Preview” button, which will display the report in PDF format for your convenience. If you wish to have a physical copy, you can click on the “Print” button to send the report directly to your printer.

Furthermore, there is an export menu available at the top, where you can choose to export the report in either PDF or Excel format.

Below is a sample output of Monthly Statement.

Monthly Statement Sample