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Payee List

Payee List

The Payee List in ChequeSystem allows you to store and manage payee information efficiently. With this feature, you can easily access payee details and seamlessly incorporate them into cheques. When preparing cheque, you may load payee names from the Payee List which can save time and minimize the risk of typing mistakes.

At the top of the screen, you will find a Tool Bar that includes various functions

  • New Payee: Create a new payee.
  • Edit: Modify the selected payee’s information.
  • Delete: Remove the selected payee from the list.
  • Print Address: Print the payee’s address.
  • Import: Import payee information from an Excel file.
  • Export: Export the Payee List in PDF, Excel, or HTML format.
  • Payee Category: Maintain categories to organize payees.

The payees are displayed in a table format, and you can click on the column headers to sort the table accordingly. Additionally, a search box is available in the upper right corner to quickly find specific payees. The Payee List can also be exported to different formats, such as PDF, Excel, and HTML.